Fall is here and I am not ready! Tips for living in the darkness.

Fall is here. It moved in quickly on us. Mother Nature went from 85 to 50 like she saw a cop car.

Typically, I love Fall. I love the temps, I love the smells, I love the vibes. I get in the mood to bake and even cook some nice dishes for my family or co workers. I just love everything during this time.


The darkness.

It is getting darker earlier and earlier. In a month, my kids will be walking home from the bus in the dark at 4:45 in the evening. And I'm talking DARK, not just, oh the sun went down and its a bit dim, but full on darkness.

I hate the dark. I grew up in a place where it didn't get that dark that early, EVER.

This is why I am not ready for Fall. Fall, means Winter is Coming and that is something we don't want yet.

Where we live, you have to prepare for Winter. And we aren't prepared. We will be, we will bust our behinds and get things situated and then we will be fine. But the appearance of Fall makes me feel like Winter is rubbing her hands and watching us in some magic crystal ball and mumbling, "I'm coming for you bitches. I'm going to smother you with my darkness until you are so depressed you don't want to get out of bed for anything. I am going to sink the temperatures and make it snow so hard that you won't be able to leave work. You will be stuck there forever! Hahahahahahaha.... I may even throw in a snow storm then freeze it after so all your tree branches break off and hit your house. I am Winter, bow to me!"

Yeah, that is what I make up in my head, because I'm super dramatic and make everything extra. But seriously, the dark is a concern for a lot of people who live in this area. SO, if you happen to be one of those people, here are a few ideas for what to do help keep that darkness depression at bay.

Before I begin, let me just say that I joke about this whole thing, but our mental health is SUPER important to watch when you live in a place that is dark when you wake up at 6am and dark by 4:30pm some people who work inside aren't getting any natural light at all and that is not good for you. We don't even notice it until too late. So please, take steps and precautions to avoid it. If you already suffer from depression and anxiety ... like me, we are even more susceptible to depression sinking in.


1. Exercise;

I know, I know! Tell me to go away right now. But, it's the truth and there is a reason it is #1 on my list. It WORKS! Join a class for after work, I used to do a Hit class and a spin class alternating days after work. (Until I worked to far away, but now I'm back to where I can! YAY) My gym bag is always ready in my car. I get home and repack it for the next morning to throw in my car. If you can't go to the gym and you don't have any equipment at home, then you tube something, you will find something that will get your blood flowing, I promise.

2. Artificial light:

There are lamps and bulbs that are basically artificial sunlight. These are always good to have, even in the spring and summer. I mean why not. You can get these at any basic hardware store or online.

3. Vitamin D:

While the artificial light might help create vitamin d in your body, you may want to take a supplement. I know one gal who went to the doctor and her vitamin d was so low they had her on a crazy bit dosage of it. But seriously, you can go to the vitamin section in the grocery store and grab a bottle and add it to your daily regime of vitamins (which you should be doing !) and it's that easy.

4. Eat healthy.

I can hear you now. I know what you're thinking. "Girl wants to take away my carbs, Oh HELL no!" Yeah, that is part of it. But same as any other season, eating healthy helps your mental health and basic well being. I love carbs as much as anyone, but we will be far better equipped to fight the darkness depression if we aren't stuck on the couch with chip crumbs littering our chests and laps. (Oh wait, that might just be me) So, think of healthy food as your armor to fight the dark. We want to have a good impenetrable armor to protect us.

5. Stay motivated.

This is my last tip, because I'm getting tired of typing. There are a ton more tips out there but it basically rolls up into this. Stay busy, stay motivated. Do not let yourself fall into the trap of doing nothing just because it's winter. Get out, get active. By active, I don't mean you have to exercise (Though, remember #1) . My family likes to go skiing, I do not ski or snowboard, but it is a good idea for me to tag along and sit at the lodge, watching people and working on my writing. Make plans with your friends to hang out. Keep busy and Winter will pass by before we know it.

Of course, there are weirdos like my hubby out there who LIKE winter. This still applies to you crazies. Take care of yourselves and it will make your winter experience even better.

Okay, I'm out. I need to go work on my yard.

Have a good one peeps!

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