Recognizing Burnout & Doing Things That Make You Happy

Hellooo my amazing friends!

Well, it has been a little while since I've posted anything. I'm also not that great at blogging in the first place. I just feel like I never know what to say, which is definitely strange as I am a pretty opinionated and outspoken person.

Today, I got home from work and did a little house cleaning, then sat down to do some work. Not writing, not writing related, but work from my day job. Then, I put it aside, because it can wait until tomorrow. Instead, I turned on Netflix and watched an episode of my show, and then sat down to work on some writing related tasks.

This ^^^ you guys, this is what caused me to burnout. Well, it didn't help matters any. I have realized that I am a workaholic. I can't ever just be still. Even if I'm watching TV, I have to be doing something productive at the same time, like making graphics, crochet, writing ... or something.

Being someone who works hard is a good thing. Being someone who is passionate about doing a good job and excelling at what they do is also a good thing. But believe me folks, the day is going to come crashing down hard when you realize that you need a break from everything.

For those who don't know, I am also a mother of five. I still have four kids at home. They are 17, 15, 11 and 9. Two of those kids have their own jobs I have to cart them around to until they can drive on their own. I have a house to care for, I have a huge yard that needs maintenance. I am an author, of course, so there are TONS of associated tasks for that. Finally, for my day job, I am a marketing consultant in advertising for small paper, which is part of a very large media company. We don't just sell paper ads, we offer digital marketing, print, commercial print, and probably some other stuff. What we do would blow your minds. (So if you have a business and need a boost, gimmie a call! ... Yeah, I had to, or I wouldn't be good at my job. lol)

So, long story short. I bring my work home. I'm always available to my clients. I do the home thing which is wrangling the crazy kids, and everything that goes along with that, the cleaning, the yard work .... And I am good at it all. Not perfect, but definitely good.

Last Monday, I came back to work after an especially emotional weekend to hear a few, ah hem... constructive criticisms from my boss. Now, listen. My manager is the bomb. He would bend over backwards for his team and constantly has good things to say to me and the others on our team. So I know, as hard as it is to hear, when he's telling me that something his wrong with my performance, that there is something to that, and it's out of concern for me .... and the company of course, that he has to say it.

So... I listened. I tried not to make excuses, because excuses get you nowhere. There is always an answer for an excuse and I own up when I'm in the wrong. After a while I realized. I'd been barely getting through the days. With the pandemic, it had been a VERY long few months for me. There is a lot that I won't go into but, I'd been doing a LOT at work. The last month I'd been making mistakes, forgetting things and just scatterbrained. That isn't normal for me. That sort of behavior will lose accounts and clients. I did lose one.

I hardly ever take days off unless it's for my kids or something I need to do for the kids or an appointment of some kind. This time, I said, you know what, I need a break, and I asked for the rest of the week off.

Six days, you guys! SIX DAYS!

I won't lie. I totally did a ton of yard work, put up my pool, did house work, took care of kiddos. But I did my best to not do anything day job related. And I went back to work this Monday feeling awesome. I didn't even know how much I needed those days to myself. I didn't notice until it was THAT bad.

So the question is. How to we recognize it and what do we do about it. Not everyone can just stop and say, hey boss can I take time off. I'm lucky that I have vacation days. But a lot of people don't. How do we help ourselves and other to nip the burnout before it happens?

I know for me, one of the things I have vowed to do is write more.

I get CRANKY when I don't write. It helps my mind and spirit, so for me, it is don't bring work home and write a little every single day. Oh... and exercise, but that's another blog.

Well friends, I'm sure you see the moral of the story here. Take care of yourself. Do things that make you happy, even if it means letting stuff go a little bit. Delegate some tasks if you can. I know it's hard when you are a control freak and a hard worker like I am, but it is bound to catch up sooner or later.

More to come with the blog soon!

Also, make sure to check out the books and audiobooks (Graveyard Guardians 3, 4 and 5 are in production right now! Whoot)

Take care and talk soon!


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