Teaser Time!

Hey everyone,

So, Keeper of Destinies is nearly finished and should be dropping in March. It has been a lot longer than I ever wanted to release this, but with four kids and a day job, this last year has been crazy busy.

I have a little bit of a teaser for you today. Remember this is not edited, so be gentle. I hope you enjoy....


Finally, the water stopped. “Hurry up!” Lucy shouted.

The bathroom door flung inward and a cloud of steam billowed out into the hall. And out of the misty cloud strode James, soaking wet with a towel wrapped loosely around his waist. He glared down at his baby sister, “I’m not done, so make it quick.” He told her and then stepped aside so that she could rush past him and slam the door shut behind her.

Emily found herself unable to take her eyes off of James. Drops of water slid over his muscles, running down his chest and over his abdomen. He reached up and ran his hand through his wet hair, which happened to be a much darker red when it was damp. Her gaze slid over his body, she couldn’t help it, a girl would have to be dead not to appreciate a body like his.

A sigh from Steph had her snapping back to attention. Her eyes lifted, only to be met with the humored gaze of the man she had just been ogling. So, yeah, that was great, he was totally aware that she had just been visually eating him up like man candy.


“I’m going to get coffee.” Steph announced.

Emily turned her way and cleared her throat. It was obvious that Steph had just witnessed her staring at her twin. She wasn’t sure how she felt about that, but embarrassed was at the top of the list, for sure. “I’ll come with you.” She managed to make the words.

“Great. Let’s go see if anyone left some for us.”

Emily let her gaze slip back toward James and found that he was grinning mischievously at her. Heat rose up in her cheeks and spread through her face like molten fire. It was ridicules that she was this embarrassed. She had men flirt with her before, but she’d never been caught staring at a nearly naked man in his own home. This made her feel like a freaking teenager again, and not in a good ‘I’m young and free’ kind of way.

Steph rolled her eyes and turned to her brother. “Quit acting so smug, you’re a dude version of me so of course your good looking. Get over yourself.”

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