Fall is here and I am not ready! Tips for living in the darkness.

Fall is here. It moved in quickly on us. Mother Nature went from 85 to 50 like she saw a cop car. Typically, I love Fall. I love the temps, I love the smells, I love the vibes. I get in the mood to bake and even cook some nice dishes for my family or co workers. I just love everything during this time. Except... The darkness. It is getting darker earlier and earlier. In a month, my kids will be walking home from the bus in the dark at 4:45 in the evening. And I'm talking DARK, not just, oh the sun went down and its a bit dim, but full on darkness. I hate the dark. I grew up in a place where it didn't get that dark that early, EVER. This is why I am not ready for Fall. Fall, means Winter is C

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