Graveyard Guardians Hoodies and Tees!

I am so excited about these hoodies and tees! These Graveyard Guardians items are only available in this campaign for a week. These are here just in time for the cooler weather and the holidays though. I had to make two campaigns, one for light colors and one for dark colors. Click HERE for light colors Click HERE for dark colors This tee and hoodie boast the emblem of the Estmond Keepers from the Graveyard Guardians series by Jennifer Malone Wright. Get your own today and help guard the souls with the Estmond Keepers.

Pre-order Keeper of Spirits (Graveyard Guardians #4)

Keeper of Spirits is now available for pre-order! Available on all retailers! Pre-order now to secure your copy! One small town, two entirely different worlds. Daniel Estmond has endured too much loss in his lifetime. His mother, his father, his fiancé … all of them gone from this world. Every day he wonders which person he loves will come next. He drinks away the pain and numbs the anger that only seems to fester with time. What do you have to fight for when you’ve lost everything? Reese Knight inherited Knights Bar when her father was killed. She grew up in Summer Hollow and has known the Estmond family her entire life. She always knew they were strange, but who wasn’t in a small town

Summer Hollow (A Graveyard Guardians Prequel Novella) Releases November 7th

Killing Reapers is just another day in the life of a Keeper. Kat Davenport spends her nights guarding souls and attends high school by day. The Bay Area graveyards are a hot bed for Reaper activity and slow nights are rare. She is good at what she does and loves every minute of it. But when she and her father are suddenly reassigned to the blink and you’ll miss it town of Summer Hollow, she is far from happy about the move. Gregory Estmond has taken over the graveyard in Summer Hollow. His family has guarded this Graveyard for generations and now it was all his, or so he thought. Another Keeper has been sent to help him until he comes of age. Which would be totally fine, but it wasn’t ju

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